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With a huge increase of micro-size electric rc airplanes, helicopters and drones over the years has given rise to indoor flying meetings being held more often and in a wider variety of venues than ever before.

Planes like the ParkZone Night Vapor and Ember 2 really kicked off the trend, and these two slow-flying examples are perfect RTFs for flying around the limited airspace of school halls, gymnasiums, and other similar spaces where regular indoor flying meetings are held.

Once this rc micro technology was developed and available, the floodgates opened and more and more micro rc planes have appeared. There is a range of Ultra Micro (UMX) planes which have become hugely popular, although to be fair not all of them are suited to indoor flying venues; some are just too fast and need to be flown outdoors on calm days. But, of course, if the indoor venue is big enough then anything can be flown indoors!

Flying model aircraft indoors isn't restricted to airplanes. Electric RC helicopters and drones have also become very popular, and the choice of such aircraft available now is quite staggering.

Coaxial rc helicopters in particular have introduced many people to the joys of rc flying indoors - not only in the typical venues, but at home as well.

Micro-size coaxial rc helicopters make indoor flying around the home a very realistic option, while micro single rotor rc helicopters are perfectly suited to indoor flying too.

So why not come along to one of our indoor nights at Irvine Royal Academy, which takes place from 7:00pm - 9:00pm on Thursday nights when the hall is available. ( Not available over xmas / new year & during school holidays ).


To enquire about available dates and any further info.  click here. 

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