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Flying Site is open to members only.


Please adhere to government guide lines

for maximum permitted numbers.

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All personnel are respectfully resquested to allow adequate room to enter and leave the log book and tansmitter areas.

This will ensure a clear path for anyone to log in or out and to collect their transmitter without being too close to other members.

Please ensure to keep a 2 metre distance from anyone when using our flying site as per the government guidelines.

Your help in keeping within the safety rules is greatly appreciated.

New for 2021

Hangar 9 Pitts S-2B.

Motor  - Rimfire 50cc.

Battery - 12S 6000mAh.

Wingspan - 71.6" (1819mm).

20 x 10 Carbon Fibre Propeller.

Built - Balanced and ready to go  !!!




We are a group of Aircraft enthusiasts who fly fixed wing internal combustion and electric powered model aircraft, from a very good grass strip. We also fly Gliders and Float Planes.

We welcome new members and visitors to come along to our meetings on the third Tuesday of every month, at the Irvine Water Sports Club or to the flying site (May - Aug. inc.), situated just off the A759  ( opposite Auchans  Castle ) between the village of Dundonald and Hillhouse Quarry. See location page.

It is now a legal requirement to be registered with the C.A.A., and have an operator I.D. before flying any drone or model aircraft. Drones and model aircraft under 250g are exempt from this rule.

To fly solo on our site you are required to be a member and have passed the minimum of a Scottish Aeromodellers Association “Bronze” certificate, or British Model Flying Association “A” certificate; (see Renew / Join page).

To achieve this standard we hold training evenings each Wednesday during the summer months with two instructors in attendance.


We are bound by South Ayrshire Council, to ensure that any internal combustion engine used on this site is tested to read 82dB, or less at 7 Metres range.

Models weighing 7kg or less (without fuel, but including batteries in electric powered models) intended to be flown over 400ft above ground level (agl) may only do so if they are flown in accordance with the restrictions identified in Civil Aviation Authority Permission, (see page 3 in safety rules).

Models weighing more than 7kg (without fuel, but including batteries in electric powered models) are not permitted to be flown above 400ft agl, unless they have a CAA exemption Certificate

To read the B.M.F.A. quick start guide click here.









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