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flying site restart.


David Fisher

Thu 28/05/2020 2:36 PM


  •  David Fisher

Dear Member,

I hope this email finds you well and you have managed to steer clear of the virus.


If like myself and you istened to the First ministers address to the nation at 1230 today you will be aware of partly what is in this email. The first minister set out a change to conditions that we were under in lockdown which helps the club get restarted at the flying site, however in turn the club has had to put in place the following.


Firstly the farmer is only agreeing to us starting back up provided that we abide by the Scottish Government conditions. As well as that he has stated that anyone opening or closing gates MUST wear gloves or have first used hand sanitiser. The farmers conditions must be adhered to.


Now to reiterate from my email to you from the 9th April.

Only a MAXIMUM of 3 are to fly at any one time. The yellow mesh fence at the pilots stance is to be used with a pilot at each end and a extra piece of grass has been cut 2-3m out at the left hand side of the yellow mesh which a pilot can stand at. This will be marked with a traffic cone. Using this area gives everyone flying more than the required 2m distance requested, and still enables any intentions of the pilots to be heard.


Most pilots visiting the site now use 2.4Ghz Transmitters, so for the time being the club is relaxing the need for the pilot to have a TX peg before flying.

 Anyone who comes out with a 35Meg Transmitter must make this known to everyone on site and must not switch on his Tx until he is satisfied that no harm can come of his actions.


If you need to use any of the start up tables, after some one else has vacated it, you should be satisfied in your own self that the table is safe to use.


Please be aware that the round picnic table has been removed from the pits area, anyone requiring to sit whilst visiting the site will need to bring there own seat and remove it when leaving.


As the Scottish Government has stated, a maximum of 8 persons can meet at any one time. That will be the maximum amount of people in the pits at any one time. If the pits becomes too busy then members should wait in their cars.  Members can then rotate so that everyone gets the chance to fly.


Members are reminded that they are solely responsible for having sufficient PPE for their time at the flying site and should use it accordingly. They should also adhere to the safe social distancing and any other government guidelines.


 I can now inform you that the power flying site at Dundonald will reopen on Friday 29th May at 1000hrs.


The quick reopening, after such a long lockdown, is due to a few members being able to come out and cut and prepare the site, for a speedy return and I am very grateful, as I'm sure you all are, for their assistance.


I look forward to seeing out at the site.


Kind Regards


David Fisher.



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